FEB 04

What it really means when someone offers you to be their tech co-founder

I am writing this article to tell you the truth about what it really means when an entrepreneur asks you (software developer) to join his/her new startup company as a tech co-founder.
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APR 07

Should I hire a freelancer or find a tech co-founder for free

I am going to talk from an entrepreneur perspective who has no engineering background. I will go through the most common example and include all the thinking process from the time you just started out as an entrepreneur all the way to where you will usually end up to. Hopefully, you can learn from it and choose what best for you.
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MAR 15

Should I have a master degree

Let be real here. Why do you need a master degree? Is it because you think it’s easier to land on a job with a master degree? You need to ask yourself why you need to study a master degree. It’s a huge investment in turns of money and time. You can use these funds to start your own company or invest in real estate, stocks, etc. Why invest in a master degree? Is the return really worth it? Or you just want to live in a student bubble to avoid taking full responsibility for yourself economically.
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