Pinto Digitization

Pinto Digitization v2

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Trouble digitizing all the important package information for thousands of the products on your shelves. Pinto Digitization streamline the whole data collection process with simple steps and guide you in every single way of the process.

With Pinto Digitization, there is no longer a learning curve to onboard a new users. All the complexity is hidden behind the scene, including advanced visual recognition as well as offline data synching and retry. All you have to do is to scan product's barcode, snap all the required photos, and check the synching status to the cloud.

Version History
  • A major improvement to Inbox that will be rolled out in phases.
  • When you add a mail to a Connected App, it will also have a link to open the conversation in Newton on any device.
  • Notifications will be cleared for emails that are read in the app.
  • Tidy Inbox bugs are fixed. You can now archive mails from Low Priority folders in Gmail accounts.
  • Fixed crashes and squashed some annoying bugs.
  • The Paper Plane now has the thrust to take you to the next orbit.
  • Disable signature for reply. The first reply will have the signature however, you can choose to disable it for subsequent replies
  • Fixed connection issue in iPhone where new emails were not showing until the app was killed.
  • Issues with replying to an email that has more than 30 inline attachments. Fixed.