About Us

Our mission is to clear the path to success for your start-up business with effective mobile strategies, beautiful design, and world-class development.

Without you, we wouldn’t be here. We always think in terms of your best interest.
We foster radical collaboration internally and between you, our industry and our third parties.
We are each other’s inspiration, obsess about details because they matter!
Explore, take initiative, and take risks. Learn rules to break them and make things work better.

We design and develop mobile apps that delight your users and grow your business.

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Our Work Family

We are unlike any other mobile app development companies. Our team is made of the top creators, developers and designers.

Marcus Hsu Co-Founder & CEO
Marcus has invented our proprietary mobile platform with pre-made templates, that covers all your features with minimum work required to reduce your cost without compromising quality.
Amy Clark Product UX Designer
Amy has compiled our mobile standard design guideline, that covers all your use case. Hence, you don't need to come up with a design for each page. We with handle those for you with zero cost.
Paul Hsu Backend Developer
Paul has developed our proprietary all-in-one backend service, that covers all your complex operation. We also take care of the underneath technical details including security, performance, etc.
Kevin Wilson App Developer
Kevin has developed our mobile app development workflow similar to assembly line. We make sure your app has the highest quality at all time and also flexible enough to adapt to future change.