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Do you have an idea for a mobile product and want help to turn it into a successful product plan? Our experts will help you assess product requirements, user personas, and competition to define a product plan tailored to your budget and timeline.

Get a free technical project & budget planning session

During our 15-minutes call, our engineers will help you come up with a feature roadmap that will fit into your budget and timeline without sacrificing quality. We have already helped over 54 entrepreneurs turn their million-dollar idea into reality and would like to help you achieve your full potential.

If you require, we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement available to discuss your idea confidentially.

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    Minimalist product design ensures your MVP will be loved and used

    We believe design is the soul of your product. Our design process and people partner with you to truly understand business needs, user personas, brand and voice – then wrap it into functional and beautiful design you can see and feel.

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    MVP agile development secures quality, efficiency, and scalability

    Our agile development process uses Kanban for frequent design-driven software delivery and testing, so you’ll regularly touch your product. If your priorities and budgets change, our process lets us cost-effectively shift plans to match them.

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    MVP Submission and Deployment

    Once private user trials are over, it’s time for public launch. We will help configure your hosting and product setup to drive maximum performance and scalability while reducing costs. Our experience also gets you submitted to app stores – painlessly.

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    Continuous Product Development

    Your MVP is just the beginning. As the next step, we test how your product meets your business KPIs and continue to partner with your on design and feature planning. Our aim is continuous product improvement to maximize your market success.

Our Team

Meet our core team. These are only 4 of 50 great people here at Monkey Tree.

Marcus Hsu Co-Founder & CEO
Marcus has invented our proprietary mobile platform with pre-made templates, that covers all your features with minimum work required to reduce your cost without compromising quality.
Amy Clark Product UX Designer
Amy has compiled our mobile standard design guideline, that covers all your use case. Hence, you don't need to come up with a design for each page. We with handle those for you with zero cost.
Paul Hsu Backend Developer
Paul has developed our proprietary all-in-one backend service, that covers all your complex operation. We also take care of the underneath technical details including security, performance, etc.
Kevin Wilson App Developer
Kevin has developed our mobile app development workflow similar to assembly line. We make sure your app has the highest quality at all time and also flexible enough to adapt to future change.
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54 Happy
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5 In-House

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